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Sandwich Griller

Sandwich Griller

The Sandwich Griller is well suited for making crispy and delicious sandwiches, patties, cutlets and kebabs with minimum oil. Helps you heat up the machine quickly so that your subway making process becomes very easy. The Sandwich Griller toaster or machine is enabled with a cut and seal plate that makes sure that the cheese and the fillings inside doesn't spread or stick to the plate since it is enabled with a non-stick coating.

The Sandwich Griller Machine is enabled with a cord storage and heat resistant handle that helps you handle it easily. The lock system of the toaster machine is enabled with an easy push down and is supported with two lights that help you know the cooking status. With this type of toaster, you no more need to worry about the excess oil consumption of the sandwich or cutlet.

With the enriched feature of toasting and grilling options, you can make and enjoy an assorted variety of food. The best part is that the Commercial Sandwich Griller Machine comes with a powerful motor and a big size plate so that you can make multiple sandwiches at a time. Adjustable hinges are also available in some Sandwich Griller Maker models where you can fit in different sizes of toast easily.

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Adjustable Temperature control
  • Ideal for any sized toasts
  • Shock proof body
  • Safety locking while toasting
  • Enabled with non-stick grill plates
  • Temperature adjustments at 180 degree for toasting both sides

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