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Double Deck Oven

Double Deck Oven

Now, bake your loaves of bread, pastries, pizza, and cakes easily with a Double Deck Oven. Well suited for hotels, bakeries, and restaurants and can accommodate four trays at a time. The microwave works on infrared technology to ensure a uniform consistency in the baking process. The maximum temperature limit would be 300 degrees for your baking needs. But you will have automatic temperature control in this double deck oven.

The major heat source for this is gas and is operated with electricity. It would be more suitable if you have less space and can accommodate it safely. It will be enriched with large glass doors and bright lights for better vision inside. At the same time, a gas operated microwave would require more space and is large in size.

Also called a “two-trayed microwave” as it can hold two trays at a time and a wide range of food items can be baked instantly, helping you save a lot of time. Usually preferred as a bakery deck oven, it has a stainless steel body that can withstand the heat and is highly unbreakable. It holds a rectangular shape with two sets of flat and wide trays, enabling you a seamless baking experience.

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Transparent front glasses to enable a clear view
  • Easy and quick baking capability
  • Digital temperature panels
  • User-friendly and easy controls
  • Simple and easy-to-use
  • Both electric and gas models are available

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