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Deep Fat Fryer

Deep Fat Fryer

Deep Fat Fryer is specially designed for frying the food in certain inches or even more in the extensive hot oil. The deep fryer featured here is an electrically operated cooking vessel. It helps you with the quick method of making the food crispy, which adds its own color and flavor to the food. The electric deep fryer machine is mainly utilized for making French fries, aloo tikki, wedges, samosa, kofta, and more.

The Deep Fat Fryer is made of stainless steel and has safety measures encountered with it for the anti-locking system, which prevents you from dangers while operating. These Deep Fryers are mostly preferred in cafes, fast food shops, restaurants for hassle-free operations.

The Electric Fat Fryer is enabled with high-quality electric accessories, and it comes with a very simple cleaning process. The electric panel in these deep fryers can be detached from the for washing and can be replaced. The frying range varies between 160 to 200 degrees C, and it is advisable to use the oil with quite high smoke points. The Fryer Machine comes with a detachable frying basket which is also made of Stainless steel and is empowered with a heat-free handle. It helps you with the best and most convenient way of frying food items to deliver exceptional taste and flavor.

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Very simple and easy to assemble, operate, and clean
  • Less power consumption
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Very compact in size and fits in small spaces too
  • Helps you with swift frying
  • Little maintenance required

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