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Salamander Machine is an attractive and compact-sized kitchen appliance well suited for restaurants. A well dedicated Salamander Grill Broiler to get you the perfect grilling and toasting in just a few minutes. This Salamander Oven can help you to enjoy the perfect crust on the steak or any dish of that kind. Not just that, it helps you with an easy option to quickly crisping-up the pizza for instant uses.

The Salamander in the kitchen can be placed as a stand-alone on a counter top or if you wish can also be mounted on the wall based on the space constraints. The Salamander Oven in the kitchen is designed exclusively as electric or non-electric models and the heat source would help you with the same purpose - crunching and browning the food dishes.

The griller comes in many models - whether you choose the countertop model or single or multi-deck boiler, it is a perfect broiler to meet your kitchen needs and is widely used in hotels and restaurants. The cooking Salamander Machine featured here is front-open and has sliding racks that help you to move in and out. It helps you to toast or crispy your food and encompasses slow baking. You will be able to maintain the dish warm for sometime.

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Made up of commercial stainless steel
  • Galvanized steel gridiron can be placed on four levels
  • Heating is controlled by thermostat
  • Removable grilling rack
  • Easy to remove crumb pan
  • Operates on 230V 50Hz 280Watt

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