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Planetary Mixer Equipments

Planetary Mixer

Planetary Mixer, also called cake mixer, cake beater, or a dough blender is an essential machine in the Bakery Equipment that makes your job simpler. It can be utilized for multiple actions like dough making, whipping, frosting, and more. The machine is equipped with a unique motion surrounding the axis and the utensil where the dough-making ingredients would be added. The movement of the blender is similar to the movement of the planets - hence it got the name “Planetary Mixer”.

Being more versatile, Planetary Mixer is most widely used equipment in the bakeries for making delicious sweets and snacks. You can very well utilize the interchangeable utensils that help you use them for various purposes depending on your need. You would love this beater machine for its simplicity and capability of helping you make tasty goodies better

The Cake Beater Machine helps you mix the ingredients to get you the right consistency of the batter by utilizing the raw materials. You get excellent and delicious goodies that melt your mouth with the proper batter from this cake mixer. It is available in different sizes, from 5 litres to 30 litres.

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Reduce the manual efforts in dough mixing
  • High-quality machine
  • Less noisy and very user-friendly
  • Very compact sized and Well suited for bakeries of all sizes
  • Long-Lasting and Robust machine which you can rely on
  • Safety alerts for risk-free process

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