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Tandoori Pot

Tandoori Pot

SAKE manufactures Tandoori Oven with high quality food grade materials. The Commercial Tandoori Pot fulfils the kitchen requirements and it is one of the most demanded cooking equipment in the market. SAKE ensures the oven delivers consistent performance and efficient cooking throughout the process. The Tandoori Oven is manufactured using Mild Steel and Stainless Steel Food grade sheet. The inner side of the oven is made of Mild Steel.

This is mainly due to the thermal properties of materials that enable instant heat transfer to the baking food. Mild Steel achieves and is highly capable of retaining the desired heat temperature throughout the cooking operation in the Commercial Tandoor Oven. Mild Steel is safe to carry out cooking and it does not release any toxic gas when contacting with the food substances.

The outer part of the Commercial Tandoori Oven is made of stainless steel. SS Food grade sheet is capable of withstanding the varying working temperature and is corrosive resistant. Burner is equipped in the Tandoori Machine to satisfy the heating and cooking requirements. The cast iron wheels are attached to the kitchen tandoori pot to enable the easy movement and fixture of the machine at the desired location.

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  • Excellent flow control features
  • High durability and lasts long
  • Square shape
  • Quick cleaning options
  • Easy portability options with four castor wheels
  • Well suited for Commercial Kitchen Space

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