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Bulk Cooking Burner

Bulk Cooking Burner

Bulk Cooking Burner Stove is the most preferred kitchen equipment for Commercial cooking requirements. SAKE designs and manufactures the burner stove in such a way that it enhances the cooking operation of heavy loads. The Bulk Gas stove is capable of bearing heavy utensils throughout the process. The kitchen equipment is manufactured with the highest quality materials. Stainless steel, Mild Steel and Cast Iron are the base materials used for manufacturing the burner stove.

The frame of the Gas Stove Burner is manufactured using MS Angle. Mild steel is highly preferred as it highly withstands hot temperatures. SS Food grade sheet is used to cover the top and cover portion of the Commercial Bulk Burner Stove. Stainless steel in the Burner Stove helps the user to have easy maintenance and the rust formation due to the spilling that generally occurs in the cooking process is greatly avoided.

Leg of the Commercial Gas Burner Stove is manufactured using Stainless Steel Food grade square tube attached with Round Cast Iron Grate and Burner. These CI grates have high tensile strength and can bear heavy loads without any constraints and maintenance. The Gas Bulk Burner Stove is fitted with adjustable nylon boots for firm support.

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