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Gasline System

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Gasline System

Gasline System

SAKE is highly specialized in mapping and installation of the LPG Gas Line Systems. Our team of experts do an on–site investigation of the available kitchen space in hotels, restaurants and commercial buildings. SAKE highly complies with the norms and regulations of the board of authorities in installation of gas lines.

SAKE is highly experienced in bringing the best out of delivering the safest gas line systems. We make sure that the materials used in the pipeline system are safer for continuous and uninterrupted supply.The gas line is connected from the Manifolds to the LPG Kitchen Equipment.

Various quality checks are made on the materials used in the installation of the pipeline system like MS Gas line pipe, MS Bend, MS Elbow, Gas Line Union, Bush, Clamp, etc… Controllers and valves are provided to direct the gas supply to the desired connected kitchen equipment in a more efficient way.

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Ensured Uninterrupted supply
  • Long lasting and reliable option
  • Assured safety and security
  • Helps you utilize your kitchen equipment effortlessly
  • Direct gas supply to kitchen from centralized gas station featured with greater safety where free air flow and reduced electric connections are ensured.
  • Highly suited for commercial kitchen in hotels, restaurants, etc

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