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Grill Chicken

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Grill Chicken

Grill Chicken

SAKE is the leading manufacturer of Grill Chicken Machine made of high grade quality materials available at the best economical price. Grill Chicken Machine is the most needed Commercial Kitchen Appliance. SAKE ensures the food grade materials are used in the manufacturing of the equipment. The commercial grill chicken machine enables the user to have continuous cooking without any constraints. The Grill Chicken Machine is manufactured with Stainless Steel Food Grade Sheet. The materials used in the kitchen equipment are highly corrosion resistant.

SAKE follows very strict regulations on quality parameters and ensures only quality Grill Machines are delivered to the customers. The Commercial Grill Chicken Machine is featured with Glass on the front side which helps to have easy access to the cooking process stage. The glass attracts the attention of outsiders and thus helps our customers to increase their sales. For proper and complete cooking of the grilled chicken, the grill wheel movement is enabled with the help of a motor.

Thus, all the sides of the food are cooked by the wheel movement rotating at an optimum and desired speed. Gas Burner is designed to supply the heat source at a uniform level throughout the entire process. The Grill Machine is provided with additional features of lights, wheels, Grill Chicken Rods & Clips attached with this unit to enhance the overall cooking experience and operation.

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Operates on Gas grill
  • Can accommodate 6,9 and 15 chicken birds at a time
  • Easy portability options with four castor wheels
  • Made of food-grade stainless steel
  • Used in hotels and restaurants
  • Customized variants are available

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