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Onion Peeler

SAKE manufactures the most reliable Commercial Onion Peeler at the best market economical price. The peeler machine operates on the basic principle of wet operation. Onion Peeler is manufactured using high quality food grade materials. Stainless steel is the core material used in the fabrication of Onion Peeler Machines. The peeler from SAKE is designed to deliver high efficiency and greater peeling performance. Our products strongly comply with quality standards recommended by the regulatory authorities.

As the base materials are made of food grade, it is highly safe to use in peeling the onion. The Commercial Onion Peeler is hygienic thus it does not create any harmful substances during the operation. The kitchen vegetable peeler delivers the desired quality outcome within a short period of overall operational time. During the peeling process, water is used as the main source for peeling. SAKE ensures the right peeling of the onion's outer scalp and shell every time.

The stainless steel used in the kitchen equipment is highly corrosion resistant and hence the food is free from other risk factors. A separate connection is provided for water to wet the Onions which makes the skin peeling very easy and effective. The high efficiency motor is equipped with a vegetable peeler machine to have high control over the process. The adjustable nylon boots are fitted to the equipment to enhance firm support throughout the process. SAKE specializes in designing and manufacturing Customized Onion Skin Remover on customer requests.

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  • Easy to use machine
  • Stainless steel body
  • Less maintenance and long lasting
  • Corrosion and oxidation resistant
  • Enabled with single belt
  • Well suited for Commercial Kitchen
Onion Peeler - Operational Facts
Capacity 10 Kg to 50+ Kg

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