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Commercial Mixie

Commercial Mixie

The Commercial Mixie is the most needed kitchen equipment. SAKE is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality Commercial Mixie. The product is made of food grade materials thus ensuring safer cooking preparation. The Mixie is suitable for operating continuously without incurring idle time. The Mixie Grinder is designed to deliver efficient food preparation with maximized productivity.

The Commercial Mixie is capable of grinding both wet and dry food preparations. The base materials used in the manufacturing of mixers are highly corrosion resistant thus the kitchen equipment is completely safe to use every time. Our product delivers long-lasting performance without any reduction in performance. The blades used in the machine are sharp enough to make the food blending at the defined product final stage.

The Mixer Grinder is made out of stainless steel. The SS used in the equipment is suitable for easy cleaning and maintenance. The Mixie is equipped with a Motor to initiate the mixing and blending automation. The Mixie is featured with speed adjustments for enhancing the performance and operational time. SAKE specializes in designing and manufacturing the Commercial Mixie grinder on customer requests.

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Enabled with customized blades
  • High speed motor
  • Long lasting and highly efficient
  • Varied capacity available from 5 Kgs and more
  • Highly suited for wet and dry grinding
  • Preferred by commercial kitchen range and cooking
Commercial Mixie - Operational Facts
Capacity 1 KG & 2 KG

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