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Garlic Peeler

Garlic Peeler has now become the most needed commercial kitchen equipment. The peeler has made cooking preparation easier and more comfortable. SAKE manufactures Commercial Garlic Peeler delivering higher performance. As the size of the raw Garlic is small, it becomes so tedious. Peeling a large volume of food manually takes more time that is significantly reduced to the maximum extent by using the kitchen equipment. The product is made of high quality stainless steel material. At SAKE, the food preparation machines are made of the best quality food grade materials.

The raw food processed from Commercial Garlic Peeler is safe to consume. The materials used in the equipment do not generate any toxicity thus it is safe and is healthier to use the product. The Garlic Peeler Machine is designed and manufactured to deliver higher turnover within a short period of time.The peeler is capable of peeling the garlic skin completely.The motor is featured with the food preparation machine for faster processing. During the process, The Garlic Peel Remover is capable of delivering the food product as a whole and there is no chance of cutting it into pieces.

The machine runs at a standard pace and it is efficient in running continuously without any idle time for maintenance. The Commercial Garlic Skin Removal Machine is fitted with adjustable nylon boots to develop firm ground support and reduce the chances of free fall due to the vibration that commonly accompanies the preparation process. SAKE specializes in designing and manufacturing Customized Garlic Peeler on customer requests.

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Sturdy and durable machine
  • Automatic operation
  • Food grade stainless steel body
  • High efficiency through rotation mode
  • Electric machine suitable for dry garlic
  • High Power motor
Garlic Peeler - Operational Facts
Capacity 8 Kg/Hr

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