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Three Tap Wash Sink

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Three Tap Wash Sink

Three Tap Wash Sink

The Three Tap Wash Basin Sink is available in the latest models with 3 sinks attached for commercial uses. The Sink With Tap is made up of stainless steel carved from the top-quality high grade raw material and hence gives you longer durability and usage. The Wash Sink is highly suited for use in any bard, restaurants or even in commercial kitchens, or any other multi purposes. All the three compartments in this Wash Basin With Tap model are of same sizes and dimensions.

The easy accessibility and simple usage and the hassle-free assembling of the units make it a preferable choice for commercial and industrial purposes. The quick and standard draining options help the model to be a better option for usage as the water will not get clogged anywhere. The best part of the Commercial Three Tap Wash Sink is the ability to get sturdy even on the uneven surfaces as it has adjustable legs and feet that adhere to the surface.

The easy assembling of the Commercial Hand Wash Sink also makes it a preferrable choice - you can easily assemble the parts without any external support. This is the perfect option if you are concerned about the drainage challenges. This is available at the best price.

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Easy to drain options so that water is not clogged inside
  • Corrosion-free and long lasting
  • Fits stable even into uneven surfaces
  • High quality sink
  • Can be used for commercial kitchen space

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