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Hood Type Dish Washer

Hood Type Dish Washer

How can you clean your vessels effortlessly? All you need is a Commercial Hood Type Dishwasher Machine that is specially suited for cleaning, washing and drying dishes, crockeries and your cutleries. This Hood Type Dishwasher is mostly preferred by restaurants, hotels and convention halls for easy cleaning of vessels and drying them for quick maintenance. No more headaches on manual vessel cleaning, everything is made simple for you with this Commercial Dishwasher.

You no more need to struggle with manual scrubbing to get rid of the soiling which is completely simplified on this Hood Type Industrial Dishwasher Machine which sprays hot water. Get perfection in the process of washing your utensils. The cleaned utensils can be collected by lifting the hood and comes with a comfortable height with a pre wash table and a basket exit.

In the same way, by lifting the cowl of the Commercial Dishwasher, you can insert the new basket and then lower the hood to initiate the process. The whole method of cleaning the vessels is done with the linear washing of utensils. It ensures the complete and perfect sterility for your plates and dishes exiting the Hood Dishwashing Machine. This product can be installed in a straight line or even corners without any customizations.

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Enabled with easy lift hood system
  • Perfect sterilization process
  • Shock-proof material tank filter
  • Efficient usage of detergent per dish
  • Excellent water saving options
  • Long lasting and easy to maintain

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