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Standing Table - Bar Stools

Standing Table & Bar Stools

Make the ambience better with a Standing Table And Chair Set. With an adjustable feature and a footrest, Bar Chairs give you comfy experience and comfort. It can be of your choice where it can be opted for stainless steel or even wood based on your preference. The combo can be chosen well so that it matches the layout and is the best option for serving your customers.

This Adjustable Table is a great option for your kitchen too which can be used for multiple purposes like serving breakfasts, placing kitchenware and more. The Bar Stools come with a backrest and with adjustable height. The push back cushion on the Bar Chairs helps you stay with a comfortable position. This Adjustable Standing Table And Chair combination can be used mostly in your living areas too - to place display pieces to increase the viewer impressions.

With its compact size, it suits well for the functional space. These stylish stools can be an and fits well with the living or dining area too. This combo of Bar Stools fits well into the tight spaces too because of its combat size and dimensions. You can opt for a table set made up of wood, steel or aluminum or a combination of these to suit your needs.

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Best combination for your kitchen/living rooms
  • Compact size and fits even in narrow space
  • Pubs or bar friendly furniture sets for convenience
  • Manufactured from best quality raw materials
  • Available in SS or Wooden Models
  • Comfortable footrest enabled stools

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