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Restaurant Dining Tables

Restaurant Dining Tables

If you are a Restaurant owner, you would really love the aesthetic design and durability of the Restaurant Dining Table. The hotel dining table is available in different countertops - granite, stainless steel or acrylic and can be designed based on your needs. Usually fits in with a four seater capability and can be customized depending upon the space. The Restaurant tables and chairs placed in your shop can give an exceptional experience to your customers.

The hotel furniture update is a good add-on to the overall ambience of your shop. Usually square type is preferred, we can customize it to rectangular designs too. The major highlight is that you can fill the space symmetrically with a Compact Sized Dining Table giving a comfortable experience to serve food at Restaurants. This Hotel Dining Table featured here is completely comfortable and fully functional with no damages.

It can be easily placed towards a wall or depending upon the layout of your shop. The Table Chair for Restaurant price depends upon the type of countertop you choose - it varies for granite, stainless steel or even granite. We also help you with an extensive collection of granite designs for Restaurant Tables and Chairs varying from Black Galaxy, Brown, or Kashmir white matching your designs that go well with the ambience.

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Available in Granite, Acrylic or SS tops
  • Highly durable
  • Customisable based on needs
  • Easily portable type
  • Four seater type
  • Easily fits with your ambience

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