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SS Undercounter Chiller


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SS Undercounter Chiller

SS Undercounter Chiller

Are you looking for the perfect compact sized Under Counter Freezer that can be placed even in a small sized room? Well suited to place under the kitchen tops or similar places, this acts as a compact sized equipment which you love to keep. This is loved in today's kitchen and patio preferences. It is used to save space and store things. This food service equipment is famous for its capability beneath the table tops of your commercial and other spaces.

This compact nature makes the Under Counter Freezer to be preferred by top hotels and restaurants for storing beverages and other food items. Being Manufactured in-house, this SS Undercounter Chiller is made of SS Food grade for higher quality and great experiences. Today, these under counter chillers are more famous than ever. The counter freezers are available in different sizes and shapes based on your preferences and you can easily customize them.

If you have not yet experienced the significance of a compact equipment yet, then you must get it as it fits your needs and would help you with a comfortable experience of storing your beverages that can be accessed anytime instantly.. Since the interior is furnished with stainless steel, you need not worry about corrosion. This Undercounter Chiller is a great option for you!

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Interior is made of stainless steel
  • Long lasting and corrosion resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Compact sized and fits into counters (save space)
  • Preferred by luxurious hotels, restaurants and all commercial kitchen
  • High quality food service equipment

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