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Plate Rack

Plate Rack

How can you make your kitchen more organized? Get the beauty of keeping your Commercial space well compact and beautifully organized with this specially designed Plate Rack. Designed to suit your needs, this Plate Stand for kitchen can be a good addon to your commercial shop to easily manage your dishes and crockeries after washing. This storage system is the best match for your formal set of utensils. Manufactured from the high quality raw material, this Plate Rack for the kitchen will last for a long time and you do not have to worry about the corrosion at all.

With the super style and look of the product, you can arrange your crockeries and dishes on the countertops and act as a really good organizer for your place. The modern design of the Commercial Kitchen Plate Stand gives it a contemporary look and adaptability in the space where it will be placed. It is available in single row models as well as multiple row models based on your needs.

You can either utilize this for air-drying your dishes soon after washing or even to organize them in your cookhouse. Commercial Plate Rack is designed for multi-purpose and is made to be light-weight for easy portability, made from high quality stainless steel to make it free from corrosion and is a durable plate stand for kitchen.

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Made up of stainless steel
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Compact sizes available
  • Best suited to air-dry your dishes
  • A stylish addon to your kitchen
  • Easy to clean and maintain

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