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Pneumatic Idiyappam Making Machine

Pneumatic Idiyappam Making Machine

Pneumatic Idiyappam Making Machine from SAKE is the best choice to fulfil your food preparation needs. The Commercial Food Machinery is designed and manufactured to deliver increased output consistently. The Idiyappam Making Machine is made of high quality food grade materials and of highly corrosion resistant. Idiyappam equipment is designed to optimize the overall operational cooking time. Pneumatic idiyappam maker is featured with automation to reduce manual interference.

The length of the seva food is set depending on the customer's requirement. The bottom plate at the output is equipped with rotation to provide the actual idiyappam as prepared by a conventional process. The Seva maker is suitable for continuous operation. The machine has high throughput thus helping our customers in making more ROI. The Pneumatic Idiyappam making machine is equipped with different sized moulds to satisfy the various requirements. Food machinery reduces the labor cost and time invested in making idiyappam.

SAKE make sure that quality and defect free products are delivered to the customer. Pneumatic machine is operated using a motor and it is easy to use compared to other products. Seva maker is designed to accommodate the kitchen space and it is easy to relocate to the desired location for making idiyappam. SAKE specializes in designing and manufacturing Customized Commercial Pneumatic Idiyappam Making Machine on customer requests.

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Highly efficient with quick processing time
  • Accepts input of 1.5 kg per batch
  • Delivers output of max 400 pieces per hour
  • Uniform size and texture assured
  • Hygienic and healthy factors incorporated
  • Suited for commercial kitchen in hotels, canteens, etc

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