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Fully Automatic Chappathi Machine

Fully Automatic Chappathi Machine

SAKE is one of the most trusted brands for fully Automatic Chappathi Machine. The Commercial Chappathi machine delivers the best quality food products. The overall operational time involved in the food processing is less. The kitchen equipment delivers the fully cooked chappathi at the desired texture and food baking condition. Fully automatic food machinery is highly efficient in making the chappathi. Chappathi machine is highly durable and are manufactured to accommodate various working conditions.

The heating elements featured ensures proper cooking of chappathi. The throughput of the Commercial Automatic Chapati Machine is maximum and thus it saves more time in the preparation process. Roti Machine is designed in such a way that it enables uniform pressing and heating of chappathi. As the food preparation equipment is fully automated, there is no need for manual intervention between the processes. The food flow starting from pressing of chappathi ball to heating of the pressed chappathi are under the user control.

The time involved in the proper cooking is programmed and the speed of the conveyor flow is controlled. Various checks are made to make sure the chappathi is free from under or over cooked. The kitchen equipment is user friendly and it is easy to maintain. Fully Automatic Chappathi Machine is designed to fit in the available kitchen space. SAKE specializes in designing and manufacturing Customized Commercial Fully Automatic Chappathi Machine on customer requests.

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  • Highly efficient and easy to use
  • Made of Stainless steel
  • Horizontal design
  • Easy to maintain and lasts long
  • Suited for all commercial kitchen space

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