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Fresh Air Unit

Exhaust & Fresh Air System

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Fresh Air Unit

Fresh Air Unit

Fresh Air Units are all meant to give you a soothing breathing comfort. How would you enjoy good breathing? The Fresh Air Unit provides you with an amazing option for circulating good aeration into a well air-conditioned environment. Good aeration is great wealth for you.No matter, office or shop, this fresh air handling unit helps you get a good aeration allowing the outer aeration to enter and make it easier for breathing.

This Fresh Air Unit resolves the contamination inside your premises helping you with comfortable breathing. The Fresh Air Handling Unit is equipped with proper supply fans to monitor the outdoor conditions to bring in good ventilation indoors whenever required. Fully built in with the thermal break profiles, these exclusive systems help you prevent the leakage. These units are well reserved for you to enjoy good ventilation and are a reliable resource for well conditioned premises.

It consists of cooling coils made exclusively from aluminum fins as well as the copper tubes that are corrosion-resistant that gives a longer durability to the system. Stainless steel casing is also included. If you are on the lookout for a proper ventilation system, this super exclusive product is available at a competitive price for you!

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Constructed in thermal break profiles
  • Available in Floor Mounted or Ceiling type
  • Highly efficient in nature
  • Proper air ventilation process
  • Cooling coins made of aluminum and copper

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