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Do you love good ventilation for your larger commercial space? Fresh air is what we enjoy while breathing. Good air passage and great ventilation indoors help us to be fresh and healthy. If you are looking for the best ventilation passage for your office or commercial space, you should opt for a ducting system. It usually is a perfect combination of supply, returning and the exhausting air.

A Ducting Kitchen Machine for your hotel or restaurant of any size, it helps the proper oxygenation process so that you will not suffocate. During the process of purification, the management of ventilation is carried out by the metal or plastic pipes that carry heat or cold aerating process to help you with the proper and fresh ventilation.

New experience is here for you! With the proper Ducting System, you have the best option to reduce the heat gain during summer season and heat loss during the winter season with these super insulated ducts. A full air conditioned kitchen with a super oxygenating system is not new these days. Ducting can be used for both fresh air intake (fresh air system) & smoke outlet (exhaust system). With this super system, you reduce the chance of air contamination. Based on your preferences and requirements, it can be made of fiberglass, fiber board, sheet metal or flexible ducts for forming a great ducting system.

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Made with SS or GI based on the industry best practices
  • Short and very simple to use
  • Best suited for sucking smoke from exhaust and fresh air from outside
  • Good insulation to prevent loss of heat/energy
  • Improve your energy efficiency
  • Help you to get rid of air contamination

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