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SS Water Dispenser - Water Can Model

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SS Water Dispenser - Water Can Model

SS Water Dispenser - Water Can Model

How important is aqua purification for your health? We help you with the super amazing Stainless Steel Purifier enabled with Water Can Dispenser Model with which it simplifies the complete process of supplying the drinking water. Meant for easy and seamless purification, the water can dispenser is available from 50 LPH to a maximum of 250 LPH depending upon the customer needs. It can be fully customized based on the requirements.

Powered by electricity and it can accommodate a maximum of two cans as input at a time.The Stainless Steel Water Can Dispenser has an advanced micro-controller based PCB to ensure 100% purity. This model is also enriched with the exceptional safety precautions to handle it during any malfunctioning. UV, Ozone and RO purification methods are available for this SS water dispenser and it is well suited for Commercial Kitchen Space.

The dispenser is completely made up of stainless steel made from high quality and hence is highly resistant to corrosion and gives you long life. It is easy to use and can be utilized to purify the river or the drinking water easily for consumption.

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Corrosion resistant and long life ensured
  • Electricity operated
  • Accommodates up to two water cans at a time
  • Works with any purification method - UV, OZONE & RO Purification methods
  • Easy to handle and less maintenance required
  • Fully automated system

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