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Plate Warmer

Plate Warmer fulfils the kitchen equipment requirements. SAKE manufactures the best quality Commercial Plate Warmer at the best economical price in the market. The service equipment is made of durable materials that withstand the plate loads. The warmer is equipped with a temperature controller to set the defined temperature to warm the wet plates.

Plate Warmer Machine eliminates human interruption to wipe the moisture on the plates. The manual wiping of water content is time-consuming whereas using a plate warmer machine reduces the time drastically to the least. The warmer machine incurs low operating cost and it charges very less amount of electricity. Warmer is designed in such a way that it is compact and it is suitable to locate at the desired location. Plate Warmer from SAKE is the best choice for warming the plates in cafes, hotels, restaurants and canteens. Commercial Plate Warmer Machine is suitable for satisfying the instant warming of wet plates.

SAKE manufactures the Kitchen Plate Warmer in different sizes to warm the plates of different sizes. The warmer machine is easy to use and maintain. Stainless steel is the base material used in the manufacturing of machines which is highly corrosion resistant. Wheels are featured to plate warmer. SAKE specializes in designing and manufacturing customized Commercial Plate Warmer on customer requests.

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Two stack heated dish dispenser
  • Good height for easy usage
  • Accident-proof operation
  • Freestanding type and compact size
  • Great addon for commercial kitchen industry
  • Highly durable in nature

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