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Double Jacketed Vessel

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Double Jacketed Vessel

Double Jacketed Vessel

SAKE manufactures the reactor vessel made of the stainless steel food grade. The reactor pressure vessel is designed and manufactured with a fully double Jacketed. The Double Jacketed Vessel is designed in such a way that there is no chance that the food products are in contact with the steam.

The base material used in the manufacturing of the Commercial Milk/Sambar Vessel is high quality food grade materials. Thus our reactor vessel ensures a hygienic cooking process and the steam kitchen equipment is easier to install and operate at your convenience. The steam jacketed vessel has only provisions for ½” safety valve and ¾” automatic steam trap valve.

The efficiency and durability of the reactor pressure vessel depend on the valve accessories featured in the equipment. The steam trap valve makes sure it outflows the excess steam. The water in the steam vessels remains the same. This is due to the water being heated within the inner container of the vessel. To transfer the cooked food safely, the tilting handle is featured with steam kitchen equipment. Milk, Sambar and Rasam do not have direct contact with water steam. Instead, a separate connection is provided for steam transfer.

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Sizes are customizable as per requirement


  • Carved with stainless steel body
  • Made at par with the international quality standards
  • Easy cleaning process to maintain a healthy food
  • Quick unloading with a little tilting of the equipment
  • Long lasting and a friendly steaming process
  • Well suited for Commercial Kitchen Space
Operational Facts
Size 25 Liters to 200+Liters
Application Sambar, Rasam & Milk


of Sri Sakthi Steam Cooking Unit

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