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Tips For Buying The Best Commercial Pizza Oven

Tips For Buying The Best Commercial Pizza Oven

If you are a pizza lover and looking to start your pizzeria business, you will require the best commercial pizza oven. Before buying a pizza oven, you’ll need to consider many factors such as size, source of fuel, area, and what type of pizza you want to bake in the oven. Whether you are starting a new business or handling your family business, a pizza oven is the main requirement for a good pizzeria or food restaurant. Let’s get deep into the details of a commercial pizza oven before purchasing one!

Types of Commercial Pizza Ovens

Generally, there are four types of commercial pizza ovens. These are:

  •  Brick Pizza Ovens

Such ovens are deemed to produce the best quality pizzas and are also economically efficient. It is because they can be used to cook more than one pizza at a time. Also, if you prefer cooking other foods, this oven can be beneficial.

  • Conveyor Ovens

Such ovens are more consistent than conventional ones, with the unique feature of keeping food moist and not letting it dry. Thus, forced air makes a membrane around the food that helps bake pizzas faster and retain moisture. Moreover, this oven allows food to cook with measured consistency without consuming too much time and energy.

  • Deck Ovens

Pizza deck ovens are great for preparing pizza because their hot stone decks directly heat the dough, cooking it thoroughly without charring the toppings. Radiant heat is also used widely in pizza deck ovens. It transmits infrared heat waves throughout the pizza, preventing scorched crusts and melted cheese.

  • Convection Ovens

A second heating element in convection ovens guides hot air, making the pizza and its crust cook properly while maintaining a constant temperature. Hence, they do a fantastic job of cooking pizza within a short period.

Features To Look For Before Purchasing A Commercial Pizza Oven

  • Innovative Technology

The best commercial pizza oven in India must have innovative technologies to make baking a seamless experience and offer mouth-watering pizzas to customers. Go for a pizza oven with multiple technology-rich features so that you don’t have to incur repetitive expenses to upgrade your technology.

  • Capacity And Size

Pizza ovens ranging between 18”-73” width and 15”-43” in depth are considered the best commercial oven for a pizzeria. Half-size, single, double, or triple deck pizza ovens are quite common for commercial baking. The majority of models can handle one or two pies at a time and can cook up to 12 pizzas per hour.

  • Energy Source

Gas ovens are usually powered by propane or natural gas. Conveyor ovens can be powered by electricity or gas. Wood-fired and brick-lined ovens can cook pizzas with wood, coal, or gas. Thus, it is good to select the commercial oven, which has a good energy source. Opt for pizza ovens with stainless steel exterior and a temperature control knob.

  • Manufacturers

Buy pizza ovens manufactured by only reputed commercial pizza oven manufacturers so that you don’t have to fret about repetitive technical issues or poor quality baking. Good manufacturers also sometimes provide pizza stands, pizza stones, oven brushes, and pizza pan grippers along with the ovens so that you get everything in one place.

Tips To Consider Before Purchasing Commercial Pizza Oven

Today, most restaurants consider buying electric pizza ovens as they are much more comfortable and easily accessible. So, if you are starting your pizzeria business, you must consider the following factors and tips before making the purchase. Take a look at customer reviews, common issues faced by cooking and energy consumption requirements, and price before making the final decision. Here are useful tips to help you:

  • Check The Production Quantity

If you are operating commercially, you’ll need an oven with larger capacities and the ability to bake multiple pizzas in a single go. Commercial pizza ovens are usually available for low, medium, and high consumption, and you must choose the desired quantity based on your expected customer base and the size of your establishment.

  • Purchase According To The Space

Apart from your pizza oven having high-grade technology, you must also make sure that the oven fits into the space you have in your restaurant. Ordering an oven that doesn’t fit the space in your restaurant can have catastrophic results. Also, make sure it can cook pizzas of varying quantities, both thick and thin crust and different sizes.

  • Purchase According To Your Budget

A good quality commercial pizza oven costs depend on size, space, digital automation, and any other unique modification. While making your choice, remember to factor in your total budget for buying the oven, which should include the transport and installation charges. You must also consider the cost of upkeep and maintenance.